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Leon and his family were living in the town of Compiègne, occupied France, when the French police came for his parents. Leon was four and his older sister Rachel was ten. The downstairs neighbors told Leon's parents and the police that they would look after the children until the parents were released. They never returned. Leon's mother, Chana, died either on the way to Auschwitz or immediately upon arrival, as she was never tattooed. She was 31. His father Srul died in 1944 at age 38, a few months before the camp was liberated. The downstairs neighbors, Henri and Suzanne Ribouleau, became the childrens’ second parents. Leon is holding portraits of the four people he considers his parents. In his left hand a portrait of his parents, last seen being taken away by the French police in 1942, and in his right, his second parents, who took in Leon and his sister on that day, instead of letting the police take them away as well.

«А что будет, когда свидетелей уже нет?» инсталляция Хаима Сокола открыла международный проект о Холокосте

В Еврейском музее и центре толерантности открылись сразу две выставки – международный фотопроект «The Lonka Project. Человек под номером», посвященный бывшим узникам нацизма, пережившим Холокост, и ин…